About Us

About Us

TherOx, Inc. (TherOx) is a private, venture-financed medical device company based in Irvine, California, dedicated to elevating the standard of care for treatment of heart attack patients.

A heart attack is caused when an artery in the heart becomes blocked. Current treatment of heart attack is to reestablish blood flow in the blocked artery as quickly as possible. Typically, this is done with a combination of medication and a percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) which may include the placement of a (intracoronary) stent.

PCI successfully restores blood flow, but damage to the patient’s heart remains. Blood flow in the microvasculature downstream from the blockage is compromised, and critical heart muscle tissue is damaged – or infarcted – due to oxygen deprivation brought on by the heart attack.

The intent of SuperSaturated Oxygen (SSO2) Therapy from TherOx is to salvage damaged heart tissue by placing a high concentration of oxygen (1,000 mmHg, or 7 times normal levels) into the patient’s blood plasma and delivering it directly to the area impacted by the heart attack.

SSO2 Therapy serves as a complement to PCI and stenting. Immediately following the interventional procedure, proprietary technology from TherOx mixes a pre-specified concentration of “SuperOxygenated” saline solution with the patient’s blood to produce SuperOxygenated blood. The SuperOxygenated blood is then delivered through a catheter to the oxygen deficient tissue. Company research has confirmed in clinical studies that SuperSaturated Oxygen Therapy has the potential to reverse ischemia and may resuscitate tissue that may otherwise die.

SSO2 Therapy circulates the patient’s own blood via the existing arterial access site used for the stenting procedure. Thus, no new access site is required.